Market Research Intern
Shanghai | Marketing | Internship

Position: Offline full-time Internship (40 hours/5 days/week)
City: Shanghai
Period: 3-6 months

Job Description

During the internship, the position will mainly focus on data, literature search and research in the field of e-commerce, and be responsible for the "English to Chinese" translation of relevant content. In addition, it will also assist in executing some content marketing and digital marketing work.

Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct e-commerce research targeting different countries and markets, providing literature and data support for the "Localization Guidelines for E-commerce Markets" in various countries
  • Translate the literature and the "Localization Guide for E-commerce Market" from English to Chinese, and comply with the reading context and expression habits of Chinese readers
  • Responsible for quarterly maintenance, editing, and updating of the "E-commerce Market Localization Guide" series
  • 4Assist in writing industry white papers and insight reports based on industry themes and trends
  • Based on the research results of e-commerce, create diverse topics around e-commerce themes every week and assist in writing fascinating professional content
  • Assist in writing relevant marketing materials with e-commerce as the theme, including but not limited to market reports, PPTs, and official website blogs
  • Assist in digital marketing activities, such as social media releases, online Q&A, and external chain construction.

Skill Requirements

  • Fluent English speaking and team communication skills
  • Possess professional experience in writing papers or market reports
  • Ability to search and collect information, resources, and literature
  • Proficient in obtaining information through search engines such as Google, and requires strong data integration and analysis skills
  • Strong skills in writing business Chinese content
  • Possess experience in using and editing MacOS and Pages

What we offer

  • Long-term prospects with a fast-growing company in the China e-commerce / mobile market
  • Decentralized company structure and (almost) endless opportunities to grow and shine
  • A market-competitive internship fee
  • A young, dedicated and creative working environment
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