The competition between brands worldwide continues to intensify with no indication of abating. The stakes in these battles have escalated significantly, as have the expenses associated with brand development. Contemporary brand building is a multifaceted endeavor that encompasses much more than merely creating a brand book and enlisting a handful of brand ambassadors. It necessitates the establishment of an entire ecosystem of harmonious, high-quality, multi-channel experiences – a challenge that demands the employment of the appropriate tools.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a leading solution for building and managing digital experiences. It is primarily designed to assist large and mid-sized enterprises and provides all the necessary functionality to create exceptional experiences, enhance brand appeal, stimulate demand, and boost customer loyalty.


Our certifications


Our clients

International expansion


As your company expands globally, managing dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of websites across various regions becomes a daunting task. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) offers a solution by providing tools to create customized experiences for different markets, using multiple languages and targeting diverse customer groups, all while maintaining a consistent appearance and brand image. As your enterprise continues to grow and expand, AEM enables seamless collaboration from any location in the world, ensuring that all interactions are safeguarded with enterprise-grade security measures.


Chinese localization


Expanding into the Chinese market poses unique challenges, as Chinese consumers have distinct preferences for interactions, promotions, and user experience. Our team can assist in developing a comprehensive localization strategy, adapting your website, apps, and mobile experience to optimize your expansion into China. This includes enhancing your omni-channel customer experience, integrating with China Unicom web pages, leveraging social content platforms like WeChat, optimizing for mobile devices, printed materials, IoT installations, and on-site screens. We are here to ensure your successful entry and growth in the Chinese market.


Rapid Project Launch Time


The architectural components of AEM enable a substantial reduction in both cost and time required for the initial development phase. The utilization of readily available prototypes, standardized data layers, and automated configuration streamlines the process and allows for a prompt project launch.

Adobe AEM’s key functionalities

Digital asset management and rich media delivery

Web and mobile experience management with analytics and personalization

Content Services for mobile, SPAs, IoT, and extensible APIs

Digital enrollment and customer communications

In-venue screens

Cloud agility and scale

Powerful ecosystem for digital transformation

Seamless integration into local digital ecosystems including in China

Our AEM-based development services

TMO Group has rich knowledge and experience developing Adobe AEM based solutions. We will help you develop omni-channel strategy, sketch out engaging user experience, support you all the way from design and development to maintenance and hosting of your project.

Solution Design

After detailed research of the client’s needs, we will use our rich implementation experience to design the most suitable Adobe AEM based solution.

UI/UX design

We will create a visual design system, develop detailed specifications, and set up a component library. These are then used to create basic and localized Adobe AEM templates and components.

Forms Development

Where applicable, we will utilize Adobe AEM Forms Component, creating efficient and customizable forms for your project.

Sites and Assets Development

We base our development and customization on powerful Adobe tools and modules, such as AEM Templates, Components, Workflow, Service, Servlet.

System Integration

We can integrate your AEM project with Adobe Experience Cloud (includes such tools as Analytics, Campaign, Target), Adobe Commerce, and any third-party systems.

Deployment and maintenance

We will take care of Adobe AEM deployment, including setting up the hosting environment and content migration. We will conduct regular maintenance including installing upgrades, diagnostics and performance optimization.