Will HTML5 Be the Enemy of Mobile Applications?

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The concept of “Application” may be changed in the future. And maybe in one day, we don’t need to visit app stores, no matter Apple or Google. What we need to do is to click a link, and then the “Application” will be launched. Do you think it is amazing? Actually, some of them has been realized, which make use of the technology of HTML5.

Native apps still dominate the application market

When we are going to develop an application for mobile devices, most of developers will choose to develop a native app. Users must to download it in app stores and it is saved in mobile phone’s memory. As a result, many developers think that compared with browsers, these native apps have obvious advantages in rendering effect and executive ability.

It is true that using mobile browser to launch an app is not convenient, especially when typing letters. And native app will never affect by other irrelevant apps. Due to it is saved in memory, some of them can run without internet because sometimes they don’t need to get some data from cloud.


Native apps are troublesome

For a long time, developers use some certain resources to develop native apps in order to let their apps entering the biggest app store. It is difficult to “sell” their apps. And the app also need to approved by official. For example Apple require that developers must follow their standards, otherwise they’ll kick your app out of app store.

Although it is easy for Android in terms of being approved, your app will be buried in  millions of Android apps. Furthermore, developers also spend a lot of time in setting the app version in terms of update their app. So they probably use few time in quality improvement.

Will HTML5 be the answer?

Now more and more users believe that by using HTML5 apps which based on browsers, developers can get out of trouble. Many mobile browsers begin to support HTML5 and more web developers start HTML5 website development.

In short, HTML5 can do many cool things like locate users, play video without plugin and so on. Furthermore, developers don’t need to set versions. One app is able to run in many different browsers. By using 4G network, the app can also run fluently.


Stay or leave?

The technology of HTML5 is improving. But there are still something only native app can do. For example CPU accelerator or gravity accelerator.

There is still some arguments in HTML5. No one knows how long it will take for HTML5 in terms of having the same behavior of native apps. But we know that questions are alway exist when there comes a new technology. We need to pay more patience.

There is no “two”

It seems that we must make a choice between these two kinds of app development. Actually, there is no “two”. That means they can coexist.

For example, if an app is paid, developers can make a web version and let users to have a free try. Then users can choose to download it in app stores. We can say that the technology of HTM5 indeed change the mobile industry. Now its time to welcome HTML5, which will be a new partner of mobile devices.

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