Why Your eCommerce Selling Don't Live Up to Expectations

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It is easy to develop an eCommerce website. There are eCommerce selling solutions that can create snazzy stores for you in a matter of minutes. However, running an ecommerce business is a totally different ball game.  Attracting traffic and generating revenue in the face of fierce competition is not easy. Followings are some reasons why your eCommerce selling don’t live up to expectations. Fix them, and your online store will probably have a world-shaking changes.

slow loading speed1. Slow loading time

This this the first contact visitors have with your eCommerce website. According to a loading time research from Marketingland, retail website page load times are 47% slower than 2 years ago. Unless you run a major ecommerce site with a loyal following, slow load times will drastically hurt your conversion rates.

2.Complicated customer service

We all bored and have had enough of automated responses. There is no deny that automatic reply of the robot saved a lot of human resources. To be honest, it is a double-edged sword. We cannot control what customer would like to ask. As a result, proper human-driven services are still in need.

3. Price

A statistic from Statista showed that 56% of the customers left a website without paying because they were presented with unexpected costs. 36% said that they left because they found a better price elsewhere. However, it does mean that you need to ensure your products premium value is clearly and quickly communicated, and that you need to be aware of focusing your marketing to attract and engage shoppers who are less price conscious.

4. Don’t Have a True USP

The unique selling proposition (USP) is a marketing concept first proposed as a theory to explain a pattern in successful advertising campaigns. “Differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage”, said Theodore Levitt, a professor at Harvard. When you get right down to it, many products are exactly the same. So, you have to position yours better in the mind of your customers. And you do that with a USP.

unique selling proposition

5. Your content is too promotional

The Internet is very resistant to hard sale techniques. They’re a huge turn-off for the average user. Instead, you need to build a reputation as a trustworthy business with a side order of “by the way here’s my product.” Give users a reason to trust you, a reason to want to buy from you, and then provide them the opportunity to buy.

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