Useless SEO Services You Shouldn’t Cost On

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Local SEO and organic SEO are both loaded with service offers from different forms of companies. Unfortunately, the success many of these businesses have had in other related fields does not translate into successful SEO service. Here are some of the services from companies that you shouldn’t cost much on.

1.Meta Keywords

meta tags This is different than quality keyword density. In the former, you are alienating the meta tags and content to make sure your 99 keywords are found. Search engines have gotten wise to this and now use a number of other parameters to determine the quality (not quantity) of your keywords. Google, Baidu, Bing and Yahoo! completely ignore the keyword meta tag today.

2.Search Engine Submissions

If you’ve hired an SEO company and they are charging you for submissions. Leave them now. The search engines these days have such advanced algorithms that capture fresh content as soon as it goes live. The only thing that you need to submit is an XML sitemap, which provides the search engines with a table of contents to crawl your site.

In my experience, most of the search engines include your new pages according to your SEO instant state. If your website is well optimized for search engine spiders and can be updated frequently, new pages will be included by Google in one day, and two or three days by Bing and Baidu. Furthermore, some websites with high quality can be included by most of search engines in seconds!

3. Low Quality Backlinks

Many SEO services offer you high page ranking back links, but you don’t know what the effect of them exactly.The first problem is that while they claim that they will provide you high page rank google back links to your money site but in actual they don’t. We need to carefully examine how to get backlinks.

link buildingWhat I really emphasize to webmasters that you must always make sure that your back links are coming from webpages which are at least having PR1 or higher. I do not mean here that PR0 are totally useless. No they are not. As their existence shows Google to believe that you have a natural back linking. But they are not real quality backlinks and inoperative.

As the Google PR Weight of PR 0 does not help much like higher PR pages link so I advise you to remember next time when you are going to buy back linking from high page rank web pages.

3.Article press releases

Writing a bunch of articles and publishing them on a bunch of different sites is a recently bygone strategy. Like keyword stuffing, this too was abused to the point that search engines devalued excessive article publishing. If you want to write articles, it is best to establish your own business blog.

4.Blog Comments and Forum Signature

Please stop commenting on people’s blogs and put a signature below in each comment with your link. Maybe you can get benifits in early stage. But search engines are getting more and more smart. They will devalue these links and it really ticks off blog owners.

5.Duplicate content

The days of copy/pasting content to improve rankings are over too. The search engines caught on to this tactic too. Most of search engines penalizes websites for duplicate content, even re-worded content. It seems like that no one like to read an article for more than one or two times even an exciting story.

6.Improving Pagerank

In case you didn’t know, Google had removed “pagerank” from their webmaster guidelines since 2013. As the internet became more socially driven, pagerank had become less relevant to websites as a metric.

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