China Luxury eCommerce: Attitude, Concerns and Motivations

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ATTITUDE : CHINESE CONSUMER ARE WILLING Many people think that Chinese consumers are not willing to buy luxury goods online. However, the data suggests that nearly 70% of Chinese consumers are open to luxury shopping online. CONCERN:  PRODUCT AUTHENTICITY CONCERNS DISCOURAGE GECONSUMERS What prevents consumers from actually shopping for luxury online is concerns about product …

3 Reasons Why Luxury Brands Should Leap Now

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REASON 1 . CHINA’S E-LUXURY MARKET HAS PROVED ITS GROWTH POTENTIAL The Chinese e-luxury industry has already shown great growth potential. The market has exploded since 2011, with growth rate continuing to increase, registering 71% growth to RMB 18.9 billion in 2012. Given the growing acceptance of consumers and brands, there is an unprecedented opportunity …

3 Habits That Set Chinese Online Shoppers Apart From Westerners

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Starting an ecommerce business isn’t as easy as simply translating the online business model that works well in your home country into Chinese. What do Chinese want to get from online shopping? How do they view products, make decisions and fulfill payment?

Luxury Brands Ignoring ‘Huge Unmet Demand’ For eCommerce In China

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While many luxury brands in China have been hesitant about diving headlong into the country’s e-commerce market due to concerns over infrastructure, quality, and distribution issues, a new report argues that companies who aren’t getting into the market now are missing out on a massive opportunity.

B2C Ecommerce Climbs Worldwide, as Emerging Markets Drive Sales Higher

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Global ecommerce sales to top $1.2 trillion USD Asia-Pacific will contribute the most new dollars to business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce sales in coming years, according to eMarketer’s forecast of digital sales of retail and travel products and services. This year alone, B2C ecommerce sales are expected to grow 23% in the region, with sales in China …

China, a Booming Market for Luxury

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Like Japan 20 years ago, the consumption on luxury goods in China now is skyrocketing! Not only those super-rich, but also many common people are ravenous for luxury brands, especially western brands. ECommerce in luxury ECommerce is booming in China and offers new opportunities for luxury industry key players. Chinese consumers are more actives online …

The reason for Western companies struggles in China's e-commerce market

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Why have so many Western companies — including heavyweights like Amazon and Google — struggled in China’s e-commerce market? Amazon entered China’s business-to-consumer market by acquiring in 2004 for $75 million. From the start, it faced fierce competition, in particular from Today, Amazon’s market share in China stands at 3.5%, with indigenous companies …

10 key factors of success for E-Commerce in China

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  E-commerce in China is estimated to exceed 5000 billion RMB in 2015. With 243 million of e-shoppers and an annual increase of 30 million new users, China E-commerce is taking more and more share in the global e-commerce market. What are the key factors for E-Commerce business in China ? E-Commerce China 1 – …

Develop your business in China with your website

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Fantasy or reality? Is it possible to sell with your website in China like in the rest of the world? With this article, I will explain to you that it’s possible, in specific sectors and I will describe what are the key success factors to attract chinese clients from your website and lure them to …