MarshCoding (VideoJet)

From Product to Services, a digital transformation journey of B2B User experience design
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British company VideoJet launched its new MarshCoding brand to enhance its reputation for innovative quality with modern online connectivity. The challenge was building Marshcoding's brand awareness online, successfully introducing its new products, and updating its image, while increasing user stickiness.


To establish MarshCoding's reputation and quality online, we started from "Internet products" and began conceptual design around "establishing a strong brand identity" and "highlighting key product characteristics", all based around a "single product website".

Desktop Design

B2B eCommerce UX design-Desktop Design-1-MarshCoding
B2B eCommerce UX design-Desktop Design-2-MarshCoding
B2B eCommerce UX design-Desktop Design-3-MarshCoding

Mobile Design

B2B eCommerce UX design-Mobile Design-MarshCoding

Concept Design

We gained a deep understanding of VideoJet’s customers’ buying habits through site visits, and conducted cross-certification through methods like desk research to help plan their "single product eCommerce website". We focused on a single key product, giving full play to its advantages, and enhancing brand identity through our China B2B eCommerce design.

Building the Brand

Guided by the keywords, ideas and ideas provided by the customer, we carried out VI design-work, including logo design and peripheral visual design, for MarshCoding to fully convey its professional and reliable brand image. This brand concept was kept in line with the expectations of China B2B eCommerce buyers.

UI/UX Design

This China B2B eCommerce concept mall was designed to match modern B-end users' usage habits and to resemble mainstream Chinese B2C web-store interfaces. We used competitor product and user analysis to make targeted optimizations. We also introduced innovative email-based payment, a smooth invoicing process, and application OEM, while bringing the CMS page in line with evolving industry standards and fully adapting the page to multi-platform devices.

Team Communications

When designing the concept mall, TMO fully localized the design to fit Chinese user habits. We explained the reasons behind these localized designs to the brand's UK team, using an interactive preview UI, which kept us perfectly connected from design and development to launch. TMO's extensive experience in developing international and China B2B eCommerce websites made this all possible.