The Average Business Traveler Checks Her Phone 34 Times Per Day

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To a commuter, a fully charged smartphone is a pocket haven, freeing her from the world of the obnoxious laughers in row 32, the crying baby next to her. It keeps him tranquil in his universe of Candy Crush and Pandora.

No matter how or why you travel, your smartphone is likely the most useful tool on you at any given time.

Considering how glued we are to our phones while on the move, we use up a hefty amount of data. This infographic by Mophie examines exactly how — and how much — data we use while we’re traveling.

Obviously, our data usage changes depending on our trip’s length and our purpose for traveling in the first place. For instance, 82.6% of leisure travelers use their smartphones “all the time,” on vacation. The average business traveler checks his phone about 34 times per day, and 59% say they’d feel distraught, even lonely, without their smartphone pals.

It turns out we all browse similarly while we’re traveling. About 57% of travelers use their data to keep up with the news, while 72% are checking if they’ll need a coat or an umbrella once they arrive. Even if you’re on vacation, odds say you’ll use about 10MB of data every day just playing games.

While these numbers speak to our ever-growing dependency on smartphones, they also display the rapid advancement of their usefulness.

Mophie_ Day in the Life of a Data Traveller

From Mashable By Max Knoblauch

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