New Trends and Opportunities for eCommerce Retailing

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We are still in the early stages of commerce and Mobile Commerce SolutionMobile Commerce used to be a direct extension of a Desktop eCommerce website. But now, it needs to include more to meet consumers commerce in retail – especially mobile commerce. Mobile commerce is catching on and continues to grow. With the increasing use of smartphones and more and more Mobile Development SolutionsNowadays businesses have the necessity to go mobile. We are your partner in analyzing business to match your timeline and eCommerce strategy.eCommerce apps development for the same, there future of eCommerce definitely seems to be more mobile for the retail sector. Also future trends show that retailers would be more focused on creating targeted and more personalized experiences for their shoppers.So what do we expect from ecommerce for retail in the future:

Retailers focus on providing the best customer experiences

Consumers of tomorrow will expect a lot more service from merchants. They will be drawn to those retail stores that deliver the best customer experiences. If retailers wish to stay competitive in this scenario, they would have to provide their customers with enriching, engaging and more powerful shopping experiences at their store. Personalization is the key here. Mobile apps will be the medium to deliver more and more personalized experiences.

Local branding and marketing

As larger eCommerce websites offer newer facilities and features and try out new ways of attracting customers, smaller stores will turn to local base to survive. Smaller eCommerce store owners will use traditional SEO to target customers in a limited geographic area and combine it with social media engagement to personalize relations with local customers. Their branding and marketing strategy will revolve around points that differentiate them from large vendors.

More mobile strategies

The increase in mobile and tablet sales has caused retailers to have continued discussions on how best to align their marketing efforts with these devices. While offerings such as e-mail and paid search marketing are strong drivers of eCommerce site traffic and revenue, mobile can assist and drive revenue both online and in-store.

mobile has a profound impact on retail and e-commerce. According to eMarketer, “even when they do not complete transactions via mobile, large numbers of UK shoppers use their phones to take pictures of potential purchases, access online reviews, compare prices, consult friends and family, locate nearby stores, add items to an online shopping list or place an order.”, thus confirming what the retailers notice themselves.

Data driven marketing

Many companies have been collecting data for years but are not necessarily putting it to good use. 2014 will see a greater number of e-tailers making use of this information to personalise their offerings to customers and predict market trends. Merchants of today and of tomorrow want to see measurable ROI. Easy tracking of sales, inventory and profits and such other aspects of any business will be the trend. Ecommerce mobile apps that can provide an automated way of tracking all this will be more and more popular for improving efficiency and running successful online business.

The integration between eCommerce and retail, as well as the use of mobile devices in all phases of the B2C shopping process are two evolutions for retailers to take into account in a world where the multi-channel and multi-device consumer rules. TMO Group provides eCommerce website development to help your Omni-channel RetailingOver the last years O2O became a well-known solution in the retail industry. Omni-channel integrates the shopping experience throughout all devicesomni channel retailing. More details please send us an email!

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