4 Key Points for Micro eCommerce in 2015

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2014 is a breakthrough year for micro eCommerce. Many startup companies made their first fortune by seizing the opportunity. We notice that Since second half of last year, many traditional brands began to focus on micro eCommerce. Whether products, eCommerce team or brand, all of them would like to share this piece of cake.

Followings are 4 key points in my view that may help you to find new opportunities of breakthroughs.

1. Society

Society including resource sharing, integrated marketing, and system integration. Not only micro eCommerce owners, but also we-media makes use of the power of society. We can develop our networks and enrich our experience through society. A society group usually communicate with each others talking about their gains.

2. Team

2014 is also a year to make a breakthrough for personal development. To be honest, the competition between teams will be more and more fierce. In 2015, all micro eCommerce teams need to be execution. We have a saying that three cobblers surpass Zhuge liang. Something only can be done by a powerful team in order to against big brands.

3. Service

From my point of view, 3rd-party services are poised to explode this year. Many eCommerce owners sell products through wechat mall, why not to be a service provider? We know that a part of sellers don’t really know their products they sell. For example a facial mask seller probably don’t know beauty or restorative. As a result we can organize such a training institutions. Moreover, we can also help to plan new products or run the operation. In some ways, they are also a kind of micro eCommerce.

4. Brands

Barring anything under unexpected, brands are poised for potentially explosive growth in next few years. Brand is the future. Many eCommerce owners have already built their brand through wechat. Once after this new novelty, consumers will return to rational. At first, we must build our brand awareness in terms of open the market. Do not forget we have the best resource, that is our fans.

In general, 2015 will be a truly remarkable year. There will be 3 year to grow up for mobile eCommerce. One year already past, so what are you waiting for?

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