Key Points for Omni Channel Retail

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O2O, also called omni channel, is a wide definition and it can be used in online marketing, offline promotion or system integration. Actually, the form of O2O could be variable. This article will introduce some key points on how to make use of online retail platforms by combining offline resources.

1. Inspection

After place an order, inspection is usually the first thing for customer services. It is essential because repeated orders or mistaken orders can be stopped at this time.

Normally, we need to check the address, telephone number, receipt and products for new customers. And some related information could be saved and used for the second time shopping.

Sometimes delivery addresses are blurred, telephone numbers are wrong or they unable to pay because of some unexpected reason. Then we also need to confirm with customers.

 2. Distribution

The order will be sent to the warehouse after it is confirmed by customer service or online system. From my point of view, the inventory accuracy could be the most important segment in warehouse management. Otherwise any out of stock operations will make the whole delivery process more complex.

It could also have the issue that some products are out of date. Some systems are not able to record the production date. As a result, we can only distinguish the same products with different production date manually.

Gift is also a thorny issue for all eCommerce. There are two eCommerce solutions for this. One is set the lowest inventory for the gift. Once it down to the lowest quantity, online shops should give an explanation or a remind. The other one is to hide the gift and give customers a surprise.

3. Delivery

Delivery will affect the user experience, especially the delivery guy. It always make us embarrassed if a delivery guy shout our name downstairs. Many logistics company find many solutions in terms of this problem. But only two of them in the following proved to be efficient.

1) Mystery shopper system

We can randomly select some lucky customers and give them a gift for reward if they can help to finish an investigation about the delivery. One hand they can help to find the real problem. One the other hand they will probably enjoy it and become loyal customers.

2) Send reminder messages to customers

Sometimes we can communicate with our customers in a indirectly way such as sending them messages. Just let them to answer “Yes” or “No” for the waybills. Then we can choose to have a return call and get the feedback we want.

In conclusion, “omni” mean not to be limited by the form. TMO Group will help to find what is the best eCommerce solution for your business. More details related to our services, please leave a message in our website.

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