In addition to our development services, we offer turn-key solutions fulfilling demands on fast, reliable and secure hosting. Hosting your application either in China or internationally, we provide you with a scalable single-region or multi-region hosting solution through our cloud hosting network and private cloud hosting solution. Furthermore we offer extensive Service Level Agreements on business support and development support services.


Cloud Hosting Network


We service our clients in a wide range of locations, find our Worldwide Hosting Locations below that can best fit your target customer’s location either in US or APAC – Australia.
cloud hosting locations

In order to optimise your page loading speed in different continents & regions and reach potential customer group in different continents, we provide you with Content Distribution Network services. A CDN can distribute your heavy media and downloadable content in different regions to be accessible by a customer in a specific region. See below the CDN location options.

cdn locations

Cloud Hosting Service Platform

On our cloud hosting service platform, we include a decade of hosting experience to assure your application runs fast, stable and secure. By controlling the process of software development and hosting architecture, we guarantee our hosting services create a smooth and seamless user experience for your target group; globally or in China.

Separate web and database architecture

Separate Web and Database Architecture

Adding additional stability and security on your hosting setup through separated web and database cloud instances.

Web server optimizations

Advanced Web Server Optimisations

The use of high performance web server software to optimise loading time and be ready for high traffic peaks.

Full page caching of entire static website content

Full-page Caching of Static Content

Improving page loads up to 5 times through full-page caching of static content using the latest caching software.

High security measurements on preventing DDOS attacks and break-in

Security Prevention on DDOS Attacks and Break-ins

Server security being engineered on the highest security levels with automatic recognition and blacklisting of attacks.

Product catalog management

Extendable Web and Server Architecture

Architecture setup in an extendable way, supporting future upgrades and advanced support of hot deployment (reducing down time).

Load balancing of traffic over different setups

Load Balancing of Traffic Over Different Setups

Supporting advanced setups on traffic load balancing for high traffic community and eCommerce websites.

CDN – Content Distribution Network

CDN – Content Distribution Network

Extend content to a worldwide Content Distribution Network, either in Europe or in different China regions. Enabling your user to access content locally.

Single or Multi-region Geo Hosting

Single or Multi-region Geo Hosting

In case more hosting infrastructure is needed, we offer extensions to multi-region hosting – dividing traffic and computing power over different regions like: China and Europe.

Managed Hosting Services

Once your Hosting Engine has been ignited in the cloud, it needs to be managed and maintained to prevent future “engine” problems and to safeguard your data. At TMO Group, we provide you with international quality standards on cloud hosting management and maintenance.

Consistency checks of backups / test restore

Consistency Checks of Backups / Test Restore

  • Check backups on possible file system corruptions
  • Follow TMO test restore procedures
  • Monitoring periodic backups and available backup space

Extension of limited resources

Extension of Limited Resources

  • Additional disk space
  • Additional memory allocation
  • Overall CPU Power

Log file analysis for system & software logs

Log File Analysis for System and Software Logs

  • Security issues / break-in attempts / DDOS attacks
  • Anomalies in hardware / software and unexpected events
  • Resource consumption issues / unexpected peaks

Software Updates & Patches

Software Updates and Patches

  • System
  • Anti-virus definitions
  • Project-related software, e.g. http/db server etc.

Configuration updates

Configuration Updates

  • Caused by security issues discovered by log file analysis
  • Caused by software updates / resource extensions