Take Notice of These 5 Failed eMarketing Solutions

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eMarketing has been the subject of intense speculation over the past year. In fact, some emarketing solutions did not success. In order to have a better development in the future, its time to review 5 failed eMarketing or eCommerce solutions.

1. QR Codes

The use of mobile app hit a new high. And the competition of mobile commerce is getting so fierce that some tactics don’t make sense. In my view, QR code will become an useless thing.


In 2013, only 19.1% of mobile user have ever scanned a QR code. However, the ratio is not increasing  significantly. The trouble is, most of mobile phones must need to install a special app which can scan QR codes. The only solutions is to add QR code reading technology in smartphones. Google and Apple dominate 97% of the mobile market. That means, it is up to them whether the technology can come true or not. Otherwise QR code will probably die.

2. Video promotion

Earlier this year, HTC published a video as well as a website in order to promote their new product called HTC One. The video played a trick on customers, which run counter to their desire. After few days they had to make it offline. There are some reasons probably cause that problem:

  • Don’t related to brands
  • Don’t understand audience
  • No participation
  • No interaction
  • No tracking
  • Too long

It takes much time to make a good video. But we cannot guarantee the promotional effect. Why not turn to make more posters, which have been proved to make sense?

3. Over Optimization

Search engine optimization will still be an important part for in digital marketing. But some keywords ranking will be replaced in terms of the hummingbird algorithm. The new algorithm is humanization and it is supposed that 90% of pages will be affected.

The new algorithm is focus on session query. For example, if you search for “nearby restaurant”, the page which have high density of the keyword will probably not have a good ranking as before. The position will be replaced by nearby restaurant websites.

4. Marketing automation

There is no deny that marketing automation is an useful technology. If used improperly, it will be a disaster. We should keep in mind that marketing automation is not everything. 75% of companies said they do not benefit much.


Spammy content makes customer tired. Even some enterprise start email marketing without any testing. We should know our target customer definitely before most of automated marketing.

5. Responsive web design

Generally speaking, responsive web design is both good for user experience and search engine. But it should not be abused. Normally we think it can reduce load times. In fact, some elements just be hidden and they never stop consuming resources.

responsive web design

A good solution for responsive web design is lazy loading, which is a non-responsive way to load all of your resource-intensive elements last. Moreover, web app can also provide a good user experience.

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