Is It Essential to Add "Members Only" to Ecommerce Websites?

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Ecommerce today has placed the whole marketplace just a few click away! You don’t need to travel for a long distance to buy something anymore. Just by a few clicks on a screen, and you will can get what you want. So convenient! That said, eCommerce solutions today are highly evolved and customers are expecting a lot more than mere sales and purchases.

Many websites are secret — restricted to only authorized users — or have secret sections. Such websites require users (members) to log in before they can see the secret information. Making a shopper feel the exclusivity he gains from being a member, and giving a personalized touch to your services that are customized to customer requirements, in the long term will be beneficial to your business.

Members only shopping sites tap exclusivity

Members-only sites are perfect for these products and for the stores that carry them because they create a sense of exclusivity. Customers are more than willing to work a little harder to get something no one else has, but also for the feeling that the products have been tailored to their personal tastes.

Any store can take advantage of a private website. Many merchants use private sales to liquidate inventory, capitalize on special inventory purchase opportunities, discount without violating minimum advertised price (MAP) requirements, or even to ration hot products. Private sites are also a great way to offer special pricing to members of loyalty programs and specialized customer classes like wholesalers.

Loyalty program members demand more personalized experiences

As user experience with such programs deepens, consumers have begun to expect more personalized offers and services—not just blanket discounts—in return for their participation. Thanks to the increasing sophistication of behavioral and demographic data that digitally enabled loyalty programs provide, retailers can satisfy those desires while also addressing their own data needs.

The relationship between loyalty programs and customer and sales data is synergistic. As much as loyalty programs need data to personalize messages, they also serve as a key source and connector of consumer behavior across different sales channels.

Better to offer promotion

Members only websites are better equipped for personalization according to customer tastes. They can easily draft emails whenever a customer’s favourite product is on a free upgrade, or on sale or on a special price offer. Such stores can also customize their stores to provide customers with what they are interested in. A Men’s apparel store can highlight the casuals for a customer who has set his preference and has a history of purchasing only casuals from the store. Customers will definitely appreciate the effort and come back for more! Personalization is a great way to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As a store owner, you in turn get deeper customer engagement and greater customer loyalty. The core marketing practices still stand good in the e-world. A happy customer sells better than any other sales personnel. Well, gaining new customers is a good thing, retaining them requires efforts on the part of merchants. Customers who feel good shopping at your store will definitely be loyal and engage long term with your eCommerce website!

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