Neglected eCommerce Strategies Which Can Also Boost Sales

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SEO, SEM, social marketing, online ads… All of these tactics can drive traffic and boost eCommerce sales. Actually, in order to stand out from the fierce competition, other tactics should also be taken into consideration. The following are some other neglected eCommerce strategies, which can help to increase the traffic and ROI.

Remind your existing customers

Make use of  your existing customers. If you can keep a good relationship with your customers, you will get more repeat customers. With the quantity of eCommerce website increasing constantly, convert your current customers to be loyal becomes to a more and more important part. The strategy could be ask an email while customers are paying for their products. After that, publish e-zines periodically and provide corresponding discount according to their membership level.

But too much emails would be counterproductive. An “Unsubscribe” button is also needed. In America, users have a right that they can refuse to accept commercial emails. If your emails don’t have some related selection, you will break the law.

remind customers

Make use of mobile strategy

It is essential to make it easier for customers to access your online shops in everywhere and any time. Proper mobile commerce strategies should be implemented.

Responsive for mobile is one of the useful tactics for eCommerce website. Its characteristic is convenient to manage and maintain. By using HTML5, your website will optimized for mobile automatically. Sometimes a mobile app or web app can also be a good help, which has a higher user experience.

Share your attractive content

People are keen on social medias in recent years. They like to share interesting pictures or videos to others. Based on that, eCommerce website can also start their content marketing. Use interesting pictures to describe your products can attract more customers. 

One famous example is Starbucks. There is a name label on their coffee cup. But they usually make spelling mistakes on purpose such as “Obama” is written as “Obamma”. Even some simple and popular names. In fact, they make use of a psychological strategy that people are interested in laughing at others who makes ridiculous mistakes. When people get the coffee with the wrong name label, they think the staff are stupid. In that case, someone will take a photo and share it to their social circles. Customers help them to do a free propaganda inadvertently.

Starbucks wrong name

In conclusion, maybe some solutions are beyond your scope. TMO Group can help you to do that. We are an eCommerce technology company located in China. Besides eCommerce website development, we also provide mobile app development,  HTML5 development and O2O solutions. More details please send us an email!

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