How Does eCommerce Integration Benifit Us?

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With the advent of the Internet and the improvements in mobile technology, many more organizations are taking advantage of the worldwide consumer market by using eCommerce integration. Using a combination of local and online processes, businesses use a concept called ecommerce integration to maximize their revenue opportunities and improve efficiency. eCommerce integration is the processing of orders and financial transactions by using a website in conjunction with a traditional model of doing business. This allows consumers to quickly make purchases and manage transactions without requiring human contact or support.

An eCommerce system usually is integrated with a Website. In most cases, ecommerce integration not only involves implementing a shopping cart, but merchant accounts, payment gateways, and security mechanisms as well.

There are just too many advantages for integrating an eCommerce system. Below are the main ones.

Increase in sales

increase salesAccording to reliable statistics, there has been a tremendous increase in online sales over the last couple of years. It is estimated that the revenue of a business that incorporates an eCommerce platform can increase by up to 250%. This is attributed to the fact that most people prefer the ease of access and convenience that comes with eCommerce platforms. This is especially true for those systems that are able to process credit card payments together with payments from top online processors like PayPal.

Instant processing of transactions

eCommerce enables businesses to transact instantly. This takes away the hassles that come with other modes of payment that may require the merchant to wait up to 30 days (sometimes more) to access their payments. eCommerce transactions clear in seconds and merchants can either receive funds immediately or wait for only 2 or 3 days to get the cash in their bank accounts.

Better management in supply chain

You could manage your company better by integrating your suppliers, manufacturers and distributors for eCommerce. You could work directly with entities on your supply chain, cutting out any intermediaries. This speeds up the process and also results in savings. By integrating its supply chain, for instance, a car manufacturer could keep in better touch with dealers and fulfill customer orders faster.

Increased business reach

A business operating purely offline may have challenges in reaching a wide scope of customers. On the other hand eCommerce has enabled local small businesses to reach international masses. There are no limits to where the internet can reach, therefore through eCommerce platforms, people can pay for goods and services from literally any corner of the world

Ease of collecting recurring payments

In case you run a service that requires recurring billing, it is easy to do so with an eCommerce platform. You can create your system in such a way that when a customer makes a purchase, they can opt for their card to be re-billed at a certain frequency. This makes it hassle-free for both you and your customer. As long as they continue using your service, their credit or debit cards will get charged at certain intervals, increasing the predictability of income and eventually the bottom line of a business.

Collecting Payment

Above all, eCommerce integration eliminates the extra effort and expense of maintaining inventory in multiple systems. Imagine how much time and money you can save by using just one retail software package to manage your retail stores, your warehouse, and your ecommerce site.

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