How Full Year Data Pack Access Works

When you purchase Full Year Data Pack Access, our website will automatically create an account for you, so you can conveniently access downloadable files.

You will receive an email with your login details. Please follow the link in the email to log in for the first time. Check “Remember me” checkbox for more convenient experience.

Visit the Premium DataPack category of our download catalogue. You should be able to download all historical PREMIUM Data Packs we publish by this time.

We will send you monthly updates, whenever are data pack is available.

What's included in each month's edition:

On top of the content of our FREE monthly data packs, the paid premium monthly report contains richer industry information. In addition, source data excel sheets with comprehensive industry information are attached for your reference:

Additional report content:

  • Detailed sub-category market information

    Want to dive into the market size and structure of the 21 sub-categories? Curious about their price distribution and top products? If you want to explore which categories have the most market potential, please download and check it out!

  • Five top brand case studies (*for 11.11 & 6.18 version only)

    For 618 and double 11 special edition, in addition to the regular monthly report content, we also provide you with case analysis of five best-selling brands, including their brand vs. flagship store sales trend, sub-category market share and top products. Readers who want to see the sales changes of these industry leaders and their popular products must not miss it!

Report source data (Excel sheets):

We provide you with 55+ data sheets, detailed information of 21 sub-categories in total, and each sub-category contains information for up to 2000 products.

The source data covers all of the industry key metrics, including:

  • Sales Revenue & Volume: for the whole market and each sub-category, also the data over time
  • Stores and Brands information: including list of top stores and brands with comprehensive data
  • Top SKUs details: covers the details of monthly top products and fast-growing products as well as top SKUs for each sub-category, including product related links with which you can check the products directly.
  • Product Price Range: for the whole market and each sub-category

There are also other valuable data waiting for you to explore, such as : product pre-sale data, product reviews, store followers, etc.

Of course, if you are still hesitated for the premium version, you can also click here to check the FREE report! Otherwise, you can also choose to download our October report for free as content reference.