Including New Changes for August 2020!

Now featuring more detail on sales revenue and reorganized product categories to place a stronger focus on Omega Fatty Acids, in line with industry standards and expectations!

The CoViD-19 of early 2020 resulted in a surge in interest in the health products market in China. Strengthening your immune system became a highly sought after quality in health and food supplements. Consequently we saw a considerable spike in sales growth for vitamin and dietary supplements, a simultaneous explosion in health supplement sales online and off, and health products like Vitamin C flying off shelves in pharmacies. In general, it has been a period of strong sales for the market sector.

On the other hand, even without the influence of the pandemic, experts had expected early 2020 to be a strong time for health supplements. This was because of more transparent regulations and stricter supervision being introduced in 2019, which was widely found to reassure customers about product safety and reliability.

China’s health supplements industry is still in its infancy compared to other developed countries, with a penetration rate of just 20% (compared to the US’s 70%). This means that the Chinese market for health supplements has incredible room for growth. For now, dietary supplements and immune system enhancers are witnessing the biggest increase in consumer demand.

Channel development has been rapid, with China’s online channels already commanding a greater share of the market than these have managed in many developed countries. Due to “blue hat” health product certification restrictions, online channels have become the most important sales channel for foreign brands, which dominate on them. Additionally, competition on online sales channels tends to be a great deal fairer and more transparent than other channels.

Who are these data packs intended for?

These data packs are designed to assist researchers, data analysts, product development professionals, business decision makers, and anyone involved in strategic planning at overseas Health Supplements companies, or entities or individuals interested in this area. By keeping up with each month’s shifts in sales and consumer behavior, such experts can get a more firm grip on the trends and shifting attitudes in China’s growing and increasingly competitive Health Supplements market.

This data pack includes:

  • Last month’s best-selling products
  • Sub-category market share
  • Market share by price range
  • Top search keywords
  • Most popular brands
  • Best-selling product characteristics
  • Best-selling products in each sub-category

And more!

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