Design Strategies For 6 Main Types of eCommerce Buyers

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Generally speaking, there are 6 main types of eCommerce consumers. Wish list visitor, impulse visitor, rational visitor, maximum visitor, satisfied visitor and hesitate visitor. This article will talk about how to design an eCommerce website aiming at these 6 kinds of consumers.

Wish list visitor

There is a question that there is too many things that people cannot afford. They probably spend much time on selecting or choosing products and then put them into cart.

  • What drives this behavior

This kind of “shopping cart” will enhance the feeling that people can delete of add what they want at any time. It looks like their virtual property which can be saved and also can be seen whenever they open the site. It just like a psychological cushion.

  • Design strategy

One way to solve this behavior is encourage. When some products in their cart in on sale, you’d better remind consumers or use a pop up which shows for example “Today is your lucky day! One product in your cart in on sale!”.

Impulsive visitor

Some consumers make their decision based on brands and they care much about the new trends. They focus on emotional characteristics of products such as color of images.

  • What drives this behavior

The emotional feeling is the main reason that can affect their decision. They pay less attention on price or practicability. As a result, most of them are impulse buying.

  • Design strategy

In order to arouse their impulses, some information could be hidden and they can only get them through click some buttons. Moreover, the website should also be good looking especially for images.

Rational visitor

The opposite of impulse visitor is rational visitor. The purchase step usually could be (a) Filter the price which they think is ridiculous. (b) Consider and analysis the cost/benefit of the product.

  • What drives this behavior

Before make the decision, they usually already know well in their heart. They won’t change their mobile phone even they use it for 5 years unless they already found a good reason.

  • Design strategy

Your site must support their decision process. As a result, you need to put some comparison or the highlight of the products, which can make them convinced to purchase the product.

Maximum visitor

Maximum visitors are addicted to make the best decision of the best. They will go through most of the same category of products no matter they are cheap or expensive.

  • What drives this behavior

To be honest, they are worried to make a worse choice. Even sometimes they already select a good product, they still feel depressed.

  • Design strategy

A research about behaviors for many eCommerce websites shows that the more selections for maximum visitors, the more people leave the site. As a result, website should be sensible that it can add a filter which can only show 10 products per page.

Satisfied visitor

As the name suggests, this kind of consumers are easy to satisfied. When they find a good product, they usually stop viewing others.

  • What drives this behavior

For satisfied visitor, time is money. They usually make a very fast decision once the product seems not bad. Or they just want the selection which can meet their need

  • Design strategy

One of the effective way to help the satisfied visitor is filter. It can let them easily to find what they exactly would like to buy. It is also good if you can add some beautiful lists filled with some sizes, colors and so on.

Hesitant visitor

Hesitant visitor usually sign up an account. After they put products into cart, they stop clicking the check out button. It seems like they are waiting for some reason to convince them to click that.

  • What drives this behavior

It is easy to understand this behavior that they are trying to avoid risk. Too many choices usually confused them to make the final decision.

  • Design strategy

Hesitate visitors need more encourage to force them to finish the purchase process. So in subscribe page, you can add a slogan such as “You are making the right decision” or “Only through one step and you’ll become our senior member”. At the same time, the website also need to reduce checkout pages and steps.

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