China Internet Security Report – Mobile Apps Are Full of Loopholes

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Yesterday, China Computer Technical Center released the Internet security report in 2014. In general, it seems stable during the whole year. But there are still many loopholes. Furthermore, mobile app has become the new object for data breach.

The report showed that there were 9163 loopholes in total last year. And it increased 16.7% than before. The 26.1% of them are high risk loopholes. 9% of them are related to telecoms, 2% are related to industrial control systems and 1.9% of them are related to e-government.

In 2014, some new device for example smart router, webcams or set-top boxe are targeted. And the common point of them is that normally they have weak password.

According to the statistics, almost 11 million computers had Trojan infection in China. And also 60 thousand servers were controlled by trojan outside china. And these servers control 10 million computers. But It dropped 61% than 2013.

Mobile apps are full of loopholes

Last year, many famous eCommerce companies, delivery companies and recruiting website occured data reach accident. In May, 8 million user data is exposure to public. And many accounts information of booking websites, social media and forums are also stolen. That mainly because some app developers are lack of experience and the web server can not protect well for mobile devices.

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In 2014, China Internet loophole sharing platform included 1710 mobile app loopholes, which could be the new entrance for hacker. TMO Group is a mobile development company in Shanghai. We can help to build a safe mobile app for your business. More details please send us your inquiry!

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