Will Android Integrate with Chrome OS?

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Recently, a report said that the vice president of Android leader, Hiroshi Lockheimer, has become the director of the Chrome OS project team.This marks the Google likely is planning to Chrome OS and Android fusion. In fact, earlier in this year, it was said that a program framework had been developed by Google, which can let the Android Apps running on Chrome OS.

Google Chrome OS integrate Android

For a long time, people are confused with the two systems of Google. Many users questioned the necessity of the existence of Chrome. They thought that Android is strong enough. There is no need to develop a system only for desktop. Google’s old rival Microsoft more than once attacked Chrome OS, which must relies on Internet. And they laughed at the computer which use Chrome OS that it will be a brick without Internet. But the opposition did not stop Chrome OS spreading their market. Because it is cheap and convenient for Chrome OS, Many schools still choose it as education computer.

Android is now, Chrome is the future

Although in the current view, thanks to its rich resources for the application, Android occupies the dominant position now. This does not mean that Android is better than Chrome OS. Actually, many analysts pointed out the disadvantages for Chrome OS is that it is too ahead of this era. Even now in America, popularization of network service is still far from the expectation which Chrome OS need. In that case, Android, which is good at internal processing and storage, become the initial choice.

But it is only temporary.As the development of technology, the network environment which meet Chrome OS’ need is being created. In the near future, the network connection that never dropped will around our lives. By then, Chrome OS will become the initial choice for users.

Cloud computing will become dominant

Along with the development of technology, the performance of Intel processor will reach a peak or bottleneck. The next generation of processor which called Broadwell will enter the 14 nanometer era. It is well known that the writing ability of Silicon wafer has a physical limit, which will be approached in the near future. Once you reach this limit, it will be very difficult to improve the performance of desktop.

Therefore, the future will come to a cloud computing era. The importance of computing by itself will be greatly weakened and network connection will become a more important performance index. Web apps will have better compatibility, more features and powerful performance. All Android, Windows and Mac OS will be replaced by cloud service.

Unified platform lead to a better experience

The integration of Chrome OS and Android will bring a better user experience for users. Chrome OS will get more powerful local experience. On the other hand, web application for Android can be integrated from Chrome. Above all, it will also be convenient for technology developers. The circumstances that developers complained about “fragmentation” of the android system will never emerge.


Many years ago, chairman of IBM, Thomas Watson confidently told people: “I think the 5 computers are enough to meet the whole world market.” It seems a joke now. But  the cloud computing era is coming. We are surprised to find, cluster computing model with a massive supercomputer as representative will gradually replace the status of traditional computers. Maybe in the future, five supercomputer can really meet the whole word market. The joke will become a true prophecy!

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