5 Awesome Rapid App Development Tools Recommendation

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How to develop an app? Find outsourcing firms or build a team yourself? Maybe they are not efficient shortcuts, are they? So today I’ll recommend you 5 awesome app development tools that can help to quickly build an app in China.

1. Dingdang

No code, no design, no development, no outsourcing and anyone can create their own native apps through Dingdang (http://www.dingdone.com/). It is totally Chinese site, where you can choose some functions or themes and create an app in two days. It provides many kinds of styles of themes which you can choose. And the speed and fluency are also quite good.

Dingdang app development

Above all, you only need to consider content when there’s no threshold of expertise for programming.

2. APPMakr

AppMakr.com is a do-it-yourself platform to create content-based native mobile apps for iPhone & Android, as well as HTML5 Mobile Websites. The process requires no coding knowledge and builds apps with a WYSIWYG editor.

Normally, you can develop an app by using APPMakr in few hours. And it is free to use the site.


3. Kuaima

Kuaima is a crowdsourcing platform that can speed up your development progress.Kuaima

Basically, your project can be divided into many parts. And you can release these small tasks separately. Then some personal developer or teams will help you with the code design. Finally will be the function or module integration.

4. APICloud

As the name suggest, APICloud consists of two parts: API and Cloud. You can use it to quickly build a web app. It can reduce your development cycle from a month to a week. Compared with other three tools above, you need some basic code programming skills in terms of handle APICloud.


5. AppMachine

AppMachine is a cost-effective way to build a professional, full-featured app either by yourself or with the help of designers. With AppMachine, you can build apps for free and only pay for the service when they are ready to publish.


Using AppMachine, users have a choice of implementing standard or advanced features. Standard features include activities, photos, videos, music, social media, contact information, analytics and more. Advanced features include an online store, custom coding and Web services to enable connections to external data sources.

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