3 Thoughts Should be Abandoned for eCommerce Enterpreneurs

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When we come into mobile era, many enterprises or companies start to develop mobile apps in order to follow the trend. And they still use the same idea or strategy with websites. Actually this is an error.

When it comes to O2O, many people want to set up and eCommerce store, then logistics supply chain. Finally, it indeed has the characteristic of O2O. How about the store? It is only to attract traffic? To be honest, many eCommerce websites or apps will dead without any innovation. Follows are 3 old thoughts that should be abandoned for all eCommerce entrepreneurs.

1. Entrance thought

One though always exist in PC internet era, which called “Traffic Paramount”. The prime example is portals website. In that case, social media is limited by search engines or some homepages. As a result, the entrance of each eCommerce website is limited. It is hard to have a break through even we already get a impressive conversion.

There are three kinds of thoughts can break through the entrance thought: Followers, Big data and application scenarios.

For Sina Weibo or Twitter, it provides a “following” system. Followers can forward messages or share them to others. The spreading speed of information is far faster than that in 2009. Therefore, brand can be promoted at the speed of light. As a consequence, Big impacts of a brand would not necessarily need a big platform.

In addition, big data solve another problem: conversion. The experience of website operation teaches us that we can get more leads or profits based on low traffic. In that case, we need to master more data about our audience via user survey, positioning analysis or personalized customization.

Application scenery means we can find the related services around us easily. Such as Baidu Zhidahao will provide some restaurants around us via Baidu Map if you are in a strange city and search for lunch. It is so convenient for users that they don’t need to install many kinds of eating apps, shopping apps or travelling apps.

2. Selling thought

PC internet has finished a mission. That is B2C. For mobile internet, O2O is a new challenge.

PC internet has a huge impact on traditional retailing. However, mobile internet will probably vanquish it. One question must be taken into consideration, that is how different? Let’s think about these examples: Smartisan T1 phone, Xiaomi phone, Apple watch or other new wearable devices. Why these products are constantly reinforced? The key point is the product!

We find that “How to sell” is not necessary any more as before. We need to focus on how to grasp our users. As a result, a Tmall or JingDong shop may not be more useful than a wechat mall.

3. Product experience thought

The marketing model has changed, as well as the profit model. The thought of clients paramount dominated the marketing since 2000. But in 2014, many business owners still believe in that.

Vancl‘s model proved to be failed. Is that quality problems? Or supply chains? Or Sales channel? None! How about Xiaomi? The founder, Lei Jun usually interact with his fans through Weibo, news conference or traditional media. As a result, the most important is how to meet users need! We need to focus on services.

Conversely, the reason for a product to be success probably not because of the interface or the product experience. For example taxi apps solve the problem whether user can take a taxi or not. So let alone products and transfer to services!

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