2021 Double 11: How did China’s health supplement industry perform?

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It has been more than a month since the end of the double 11 promotion in 2021, and all industries have ushered in the peak of annual sales. For overseas health products, an industry with unlimited potential and rapid development in recent years, there will naturally be many highlights to be explored in the sales data in November.

Each month, TMO Group compiles data from Alibaba’s family of eCommerce platforms (including Taobao, Tmall, Tmall Global, and Tmall Supermarket) regarding sales of health supplements both domestically and across borders, and presents the analysis results to readers in a visual way of combining charts and texts to help readers gain insight into the latest consumer behavior and market trend.

Health Supplement Market Overview

In the past two years, the sales of overseas health supplement products have been steadily increasing. The total market sales of Double Eleven have increased from 3.45 billion yuan last year to 3.69 billion yuan this year, and the number of online SKUs and stores has also increased to a certain extent. With the more popularization of the use of health products and the gradual diversification of consumer groups, it is believed that the demand for the health supplements will show a good upward trend for many years to come. How to grasp the right time and the pain points of consumers, so as to successfully enter the market and occupy a long-term position is worthy of thinking and planning for business people coveting this industry.

From the perspective of the proportion of sub-category sales, Beauty and Nutrition Supplements still occupied the first place among all sub-categories. From its price distribution, it can be seen that the average unit price of is quite high, reaching 1500-2000 RMB. Heart Health Supplements and Bone and Joint Health Supplements, which took the second and third places, experienced rapid sales growth in November. The gap between their sales proportion and the beauty supplements has narrowed significantly, and their sales volume even surpassed the beauty category. From the analysis of the brand distribution of bone and joint products, it is found that Move Free (glucosamine products) and Swisse (calcium products) accounted for more than 50% of sales. It can be deduced that the sales of these two brands during double eleven have increased significantly.

Best-Selling Products and Brands

  • Princess Luna’s women’s probiotics became the best-selling product of the month, and last year it was also among the top five on the list and was the category sales champion. In recent years, female consumer groups have paid more and more attention to their own health. and with the increase of age, the flora in women is constantly losing. Therefore, women’s probiotic products have become the daily health care products for many women.
  • The best-selling products (both by sales volume and by sales volume) basically came from established and notable brands, with Move Free and Swisse occupying three places on the list. The Newskin collagen products, which suddenly emerged in October, have disappeared from the list, proving that its dazzling performance is just a flash in the pan.
  • Last year, NMN products were very popular, occupying three places on the 2020 Double Eleven best-selling products list. Although this year, their sales performance is no better than last year due to various reasons, Geneharbor’s NMN products ranked third on the list. Last year, quite a few products by Geneharbor performed pretty well too, and thus the brand deserves continued attention.

  • In terms of brands, Swisse is still the undisputed leader in the industry, and its position cannot be shaken. With such a large market share, the brand’s Double Eleven sales this year are still up 24% year-on-year. In the case of insufficient understanding of the market and products, the high cost performance and good reputation of Swisse products often make them the first choice of consumers.
  • November’s top five best-selling brands this year is the same with last year, which shows that their position in the market is quite stable. Two Canadian brands, RealHouse and Jamieson, which appeared in the top ten on the list last year, are missing this year, while Norwegian brand Noromega is on the list for the first time. The brand has a high positioning and is targeted towards high-end customer groups and its development momentum in recent years is pretty good.

Popular product Characteristics

  • American and Australian brands and products have always been the top in the health supplement industry and the best-selling products in these two major countries cover almost all sub-categories. Japan ranked third but the best-selling categories from Japan are more concentrated. Consumers mainly buy products such as enzymes, multivitamins (represented by Fancl) and beauty supplements (represented by Pola).
  • In terms of product form, the health products in capsule and tablet form are the best sellers. This conforms to consumers’ taking habits and brings convenience to the packaging and transportation of the product itself. Although the unit price of capsules is a bit higher than that of tablets, they tend to be more acceptable in taste and therefore more popular among consumers.
  • From the perspective of the nutritional content and efficacy of the product, glucosamine products that maintain the health of bones and joints have undoubtedly become the biggest winners of Double Eleven. However, because Move Free has a monopoly advantage in the sales of such products, it will not be easy for other brands that want to enter the market to get a big share of the market.

Top brand analysis

  • Judging from the sales of the top five best-selling brands during Double Eleven, the total sales of all these brands have increased significantly this year, but with the exception of Move Free, the sales of flagship stores decreased, showing that for these brands, the sales channels have been utterly diverged. Consumers are now more willing to buy products of the same brand from lower-priced platforms such as Tmall global import supermarket, Ali Health overseas store and Taobao Global Shopping stores.
  • Different from previous years, the peak sales points of nearly all brands for double 11 this year appeared on 11/1. It indicated that compared with the 11th, the selling price on 1st was even lower, and many consumers chose to place their orders in October and completed the final payment on 11/1.
  • This year’s Swisse’s best-selling category has changed from last year’s grape seed extract to thistle (liver protection tablets). It can be seen that young people stay up late and work overtime more and more. Liver protection tablets have become a daily necessities for many office workers. While the structure of other brands’ best-selling categories is basically the same as last year.

Sub-category analysis

Compared with last year’s Double Eleven:

  • In terms of women’s health supplements, the popularity of grape seed capsules, a popular and affordable beauty product, has declined in the past few years. Women are beginning to invest in more expensive products that contain more effective ingredients. In addition, the sales prospects of products that regulate women’s menstrual cycle are also quite optimistic.
  • Last year, NMN anti-aging products emerged suddenly, but they also attracted a lot of controversy. This year, with the strengthening of management and control, the overall sales are not as good as last year, but the market conditions are still relatively good. Consumers, especially female groups with purchasing power, are willing to pay for such high-tech anti-aging products. We will also continue to observe the market trends of such products.
  • The sales of glucosamine products for bones and joints have steadily increased. Taking the market leader Move Free as an example, sales in November this year increased by 54% over the same period last year, which is in line with the aging trend of the domestic society. So we can speculate that the sales of these products will continue to rise in the next few years.
  • Compared with last year, the sales of fish oil products have increased significantly. In recent years, more and more young people have begun to take fish oil products, making them no longer an exclusive category for the elderly. This can be related to the phenomenon people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases are getting younger and younger.
  • As social competition becomes more intense and young people’s work pressure increases, staying up late has become commonplace for many people. Therefore, compared with last year, the sales of liver-protecting products have increased considerably. From the perspective of the health supplement market itself, products that help enhance immunity, restore physical strength, and refresh the mind will be with high potential.


Overall, this year’s double eleven overseas health supplements market performed quite well, and in fact, the market’s sales have been steadily increasing in the past two years. As health care products involve consumers’ own health, they are more cautious in the choice of brands and products. Although many people are willing to try products with advance edgy technology, in the long run, the best-selling brands on the market have been very stable. However, from the comparative data of brands and flagship stores, the sales channels are becoming more and more diverged. For consumers, they will definitely be more willing to purchase in stores with lower prices under the condition of authenticity. This is undoubtedly a good business opportunity with the brilliant prospect of health supplement industry.


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