10 Amazing Ways to Boost eCommerce Conversion Rates

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Anyone who takes a moment to think about China eCommerce SolutionsWe provide China E-Commerce solutions with China localizations features to help you sell in the market. Solutions cover multiple Commerce channel solutionseCommerce solution knows that conversion rates are a sink or swim issue. Either some of your virtual window shoppers become customers, or your business will be toast. Luckily, there are several things you can do to boost conversion rates.

A poorly optimized page will drive away visitors and waste a large chunk of that money invested in lead generation. The tactics listed below are not new, in fact most of the successful shops online are already employing a variation of these to improve their conversions。

Create a Sense of Urgency

UrgencyYou have to convince the visitor to buy your product, and one of the best ways of doing this is to try to turn it into an impulse sale. Supermarkets have mastered the art of the impulse sale by adding sweets and chocolate in and around the checkout area when you pay. How can you replicate this behaviour within a product page? It can be difficult. Product pages don’t usually create a sense of urgency; instead they often give the impression that the product would still be available at the same price, even if the customer went away came back a week later.

Some eCommerce websites try to create urgency by using terms like “buy now” or “hurry up.” The concept is fine, but they don’t tell the visitors why they should buy now. The most powerful force that can make your customers take an immediate buying decision is fear”the fear of missing out on a good deal or a quick delivery.

Low Stock Indicator

Inform your customers when a particular product is about to run out of stock. This encourages them to purchase immediately, or they might miss out on the product. A low stock level also reassures the customer that the item is popular; this gives them confidence that they are making the right decision. If, however, you have data to suggest that customers purchase multiples of the item, showing low stock levels might have a negative impact on sales if there isn’t enough stock to cover their need. This tactic is probably best when you are confident that you sell the item in singles.

Streamline the checkout

CheckoutIf you get the product page how your visitors want it, the next step is ensuring your checkout process is seamless. Over complicated checkout, processes can be the cause of a large proportion of basket drops.

Use software testing to ensure your site functions correctly on all formats

To maximise conversions, you need to ensure your software works correctly on every web and mobile platform used by your customers. Mobile Commerce SolutionMobile Commerce used to be a direct extension of a Desktop eCommerce website. But now, it needs to include more to meet consumers demands.Mobile commerce is expanding rapidly, so it is particularly important that your shopping basket works and images display properly on as many combinations of Smartphone (or tablet), browser and operating system as possible. Having your software rigorously tested by professional testers is the only way to achieve this.

Raising the Bar for Conversion Rates

You might be asking, “So what does all of this have to do with conversion rates, after all?” There are innumerable factors that go into an excellent conversion rate and the few mentioned here should get online retailers on the right path. Making your store more appealing to shoppers through pricing, discounts, and shipping are just three strategies that can help your store achieve success.

Get your marketing right & attract quality traffic

Ill elaborate on the point above; if you don’t optimise for the correct keywords in your inbound marketing strategy, the quality of visitors could be low. If the visitors coming to your sales page don’t find the information (or product) they are looking for, they will leave – it’s that simple.

Think about the visitor experience

VIPThe most important thing to think about from a user experience point of view is simplicity. Is the page easy to understand? Do the eyes draw to the add to basket button? Do you over complicate the page with lots of bright colours and a lot of pointless features?

Here is a list of other things to think about which all play vital roles in conversion rates (and equally, drop rates). Visitors landing on product pages want these questions answered without having to go looking around the website. It is essential to answer these questions in order to help push your customer through the decision-making process. If you answer each question as clearly as possible without over complicating the product page then, you should see a positive impact on sales. I’ll go into more detail on each specific question.

Consider remarketing

There are various levels of remarketing available. If a customer’s mouse hovers over the exit button then Shopify app, Exit Offers, well show them a special discount code before they leave the site without purchasing. These can also be set up as one-time coupons so are unique to the customer and cannot be shared around the internet. There are also other various remarketing efforts such as targeted newsletters and setting up an AdRoll campaign. We already have lengthy articles that cover these topics if you are interested.

Responsive design

Responsive web DesignWhether you like it or not, mobile web-traffic is on the up. You have to provide visitors the same experience regardless of the device they are using.

Forget having a mobile version of your site, you should develop a responsive design. Responsive websites can have a monumental impact on converting customers as Google highlight in this case study. Nobody likes to squint at a small screen to do their online shopping so make it easier for them. In 2014 there are now over 125 devices with different resolutions. Try to ensure that your site has at least 4 different versions for varying screen sizes to you can cater for your entire audience.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If all else fails, you can always try a professional. There are some fantastically talented conversion specialists within reaching distance. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, the costs involved can easily be recovered if they do their job correctly.

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