We are committed to build quality eCommerce websites that have intuitive UI/UX design, high performance, high security levels and mobile responsiveness. Either our clients can choose a Custom eCommerce Website Development package on Magento2 or choose a market-ready Cloud service solution – ShopNow Cloud eCommerce.

Features – eCommerce Website Development

Product catalog management

Product Catalog Management

    Manage your full product catalog on descriptions, pricing, stock and digital assets.

Content management

Content Management

    Manage page content via easy to use text editors, configure & update banners and manage slide shows.

Payment gateway & credit management

Payment & Credit Management

    Manage and securely configure payment gateways, check on transactions and manage loyalty point systems.

Delivery & tax rate management

Delivery & Tax Rate Management

    Configure delivery areas & rate calculations, set delivery areas and manage tax rate groups & taxable products.

Order management

Order Management

    View, edit and process Sales orders, add tracking codes for real-time user tracking and manage return of goods.

SEO & email marketing

Email & SMS Communication

    Set and configure Email, SMS and Messenger communication templates for optimised communication to customers.

Marketing & promotion rules

Marketing & Promotion Rules

    Add and configure promotions and seasonal pricings. (Auto)-Generate coupons for your customers and provide them with additional special tier discounts.


Customer Service

    Evaluate and approve product reviews to enrich product content, help customers with placement of orders and guide a Return Merchant Authorization flow.




Technical Architecture

In order to fulfil your short-term and long-term online growth strategy, we provide our customers with 2 different platform options – Custom build eCommerce Application or a Markety-ready Cloud Solution. With the rise of IoT and Omnichannel the connectivity and extendability in eCommerce is playing an ever bigger role. Our Cloud Commerce solution focuses on the growing need and enables medium and large Enterprises to build scalable and extendible systems supporting mobile, tablet, social and in-store devices.

ShopNow Logo

ShopNow Cloud – eCommerce part of Service Platform, a platform dedicated to eCommerce services tuned for high performance and optimised for markets as China, South East Asia and Europe including market-ready country-specific features as payment gateways, social Media integrations (Wechat, Facebook and Google+), delivery & distribution features, custom check-out features. A turn-key software solution in the Cloud including eCommerce, eCommerce Insights & Intelligence and Cloud Panel.

Advanced User Filter Configurations

Advanced User Filter Configurations

    Extended filter features for a better Online Shopping experience. Features cover real-time multi-attribute filtering and Ajax product loading for fast & direct results.

High Performance Product Catalog

High Performance Product Catalog

    Optimised catalog performance to create an improved loading time and a more fluent shopping experience. Features including Ajax Product Filtering, Lazy loads and Infinitive scroll.

Custom Check-out

Custom Check-out

    Check-out customisations on field configurations, billing / shipping address, delivery date / time selection for scheduled deliveries and delivery duration notifications.

Inter-region Distribution Module

Inter-region Distribution Module (China ready)

    Define distribution regions, provinces, cities and areas for stock level, delivery fees, “free” delivery thresholds, delivery time indication and time-to-delivery for customers.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting & Full-page Caching

    Host your eCommerce application worry free on ShopNow Cloud infrastructure. We let you benefit using our recipe for success on high performance & availability in the Cloud.

Payment Gateway Support

Payment Gateway Support (China ready)

    With years of experience on China and International eCommerce markets we offer you rock-solid payment gateways covering web & mobile payments.


Magento 2 is now available, and we are ready to build and host it !

Magento 2 uses several new approaches and technologies that give businesses an unmatched ability to create innovative shopping experiences and scale to new levels.


Higher quality

    The fundamental changes in overall architecture as well as the new testing framework empower developers to produce better-quality and more testable code which is easy to maintain and extend in the long run.


Enhanced performance & stability

    With the page caching and indexing functionalities, Magento 2 delivers speed with incredibly fast page load times for home, category and product pages, and fast check out process.


Handling higher traffic volumes

    Magento 2 supports 3.5 million page views per hour and more than 250,000 orders per hour.



Less server hardware requirement

    The increase in performance will decrease the resources utilized on the server to serve pages.



The latest technology

    Magento 2 equipped with PHP 7 , MySQL 5.6+, as well as optional support for Redis v3.0 and Varnish 4.x.


Web service

    With a revamped API service, Magento 2 will open a whole new world of possibilities for integrations (external services).

The end result is a high-performing and stable platform that has streamlined approaches to speed up customizations, yet robust enough to provide a framework for scaling your business.

 If you are looking to implement such a solution, then Magento2 is the way to go.